Aromatic organic bath

In a flash erases traces of fatigue, refreshes and energizes

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It consists of natural (eco-friendly) solvents which are used to dissolve essential oils in clear liquid, and is used as a foaming agent. This natural solvent meets COSMOS standards. It can be used by people with dry and sensitive, but also with oily skin.

Organic mandarin essential oil has a soothing effect, improves mood and relieves discomfort. It is used to treat cellulite, obesity, stretch marks and acne. Effective for general body weakness, fatigue and exhaustion.

Orange essential oil from organic farming helps slow blood circulation, muscle spasms caused by nervous tension.

Lemon essential oil from organic farming elevates mood, relieves depression and anxiety, increases concentration and vitality, disinfects wounds and improves immunity. Evaporation of lemon essential oil has stimulating effect on the central nervous system and mental functions, and reduces stress. In addition, it increases motivation, boosts concentration and improves attention. Inhalation of molecules of lemon oil reduces sweating, relieves sore throat and eases discomfort caused by bronchitis.

It is believed that lemon oil promotes weight loss, relieves asthma attacks and heals stomach diseases.


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