Refreshing gel for tired and heavy legs

Relieves fatigue and swelling of legs and feet in a very short time

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This refreshing gel will alleviate the fatigue and swelling of legs and feet in a very short time.


Extract of butcher's-broom works perfectly on the venous system, promotes better blood circulation of the lower extremities and reduces the feeling of heavy legs and swollen ankles.

Resveratrol from red wine is a tonic for veins, and like butcher's broom it improves the blood supply.

Mint and essential mint oil cool and refresh your feet.

The essential oil of cypress is a good lymphatonic and vein tonic, and encourages better circulation and blood flow to the lower extremities.


Rub a gel into your feet and ankles in thin layers, for better absorption. After 15 minutes you will begin to feel the effects of this powerful gel that contains only natural ingredients.

Due to larger quantities of essential oils, this gel is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers.


100 ml