Naturalissima cosmetics

100% natural
for healthy and hydrated skin

Since ancient times, natural oils have been favorite resources for skin care products, and the world of cosmetics have only rediscovered them. Unlike their more advanced and more commercial sister, natural cosmetics began to develop during the last decade. From the moment I felt how much it suits my dehydrated and allergy-prone skin, I started to use such cosmetics and it is my opinion that there is not a single synthetic ingredient that can adequately replace the natural ingredients, and feed, moisten and regenerate skin as quality natural cosmetics can.

The advantage of natural cosmetics when compared to commercial products is that it uses the fat akin to the fat in our skin, natural humectants and emulsifiers, various plant extracts, high-quality basic and essential oils, hydrolates and does not use synthetic preservatives, artificial colors and fragrances, mineral oils and all other ingredients (petroleum derivatives) which can cause various skin problems - allergies, clogged pores, dehydration, acne, pigmentation problems, and act toxic in general. The skin recognizes the substances in natural cosmetics and embeds them in its cells, which is not the case with oil derivatives. Women often complain that their skin is used to a cream that no longer works, although they were initially quite enthusiastic about its effects. Natural cosmetics does not cause the addiction of skin and does not reduce its activity. It works to stimulate the skin to produce its own collagen and elastin fibers that prevent moisture loss and create lipids needed for skin protection.

In times when we go back to natural alternatives in skin care more frequently, it is important to recognize herbal and essential oils of the highest quality, certified under the supervision of specialists in quality control and testing of drugs according to pharmacopoeia regulations.

Naturalissima face and body products are made purely of organic cold pressed herbal and essential oils, with no artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and substances of animal origin.

All creams, serums, scrubs, gels, masks, shampoos, soaps are handmade, with a lot of effort, work, and even more love, to create a product that will satisfy, moisturize and nourish your skin ... Enjoy these products!

Blanka Matkovic, phyto-aromatherapist


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